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African Literature

Includes content and style of oral literature.
The British Museum and the Continuing Impact of Colonialism

The article prompts this question: does Britain to Nigeria of its right to house its own artifacts from the time of British colonialism? Today's debate echoes Marlow's torn allegiances to Britain and the wilderness.
Ivory Trade

Ultimately, Marlow rejects the trade due to the greed he witnessed.

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"An African Education in 'No Sweetness Here'." All Things Considered18 Jan. 2008. General OneFile. Web. 13 Nov. 2009. <>.
Coming Together
Monaghan, Peter. "Coming Together." The Chronicle of Higher Education 54.22 (2008). General OneFile
discusses the novel Things Fall Apart as part of today's cultural awareness

The shadow of empires; Charlemagne.(The aftermath of a glorious past)"The shadow of empires; Charlemagne." The Economist [US] 18 Oct. 2003: 54US. General OneFile. Web
Lipka, Jennifer. "'The horror! The horror!': Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness as a Gothic novel." Conradiana 40.1 (2008): 25+. General OneFile.
Kunreuther, Laura. "'Pacification of the Primitive': the problem of colonial violence.(Critical essay)." Philosophia Africana 9.2 (2006): 67+. Academic OneFile
United Streaming

Heart of Darkness Video
This 27 minute video explores the Belgian Congo based on Joseph Conrad’s novel, paying particular attention to the European exploitation of native Africans and their resources.
YouTube video - Chinua Achebe talks about slavery,colonialism, Africa and the African diaspora

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"Imperialism and African history; Letter." Times [London, England] 23 Apr. 2008: 16. Academic OneFile
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