The American Family Unit

Unit Essential Questions:
  • What is the American family and how has our definition changed?
  • How does family shape an individual’s identity?
  • What is the responsibility of the individual to his/her family


You will be using Google, YouTube, and several other websites to find clips that best convey how the idea of the American Family has changed over time. Select TWO clips that portray what the American Family WAS and TWO that portray what the American Family IS.

For each video clip you'll need to include the title of your clip or TV Show, then you will answer the following questions:
  • Why did you select this clip? Do you believe this reflects the idea of the American Family in the country’s past? Or, is this a current reflection?
  • What you see: How are they dressed? Who is present? What are the circumstances? What you hear: What are the characters saying? How are they saying it?
  • Discuss the over dynamics of the family. What/ who makes up the family? What does each person’s role seem to be?