Anatomy and Physiology project



DESCRIPTION: For this project you will be required to research a disorder related to a body system and create a presentation for the class. In addition, your presentations will be uploaded to a google classroom so that all students can view each others projects. You may choose from three different presentation formats, as long as you follow the guidelines below. In addition to the requirements below, is a list of common disorders that you may choose from. You will work alone and must sign up for a topic (no repeat presentations). Instructions on how to create note cards in Noodle Tools and how to upload projects to Live Binders will be provided while we are in the Learning Commons.

REQUIREMENTS: The following are the basic requirements for this project. Please read the next page for specific guidelines when completing your project.

  • See below to see what must be included.
  • You must have one visual aid. (Poster, model, ppt, iMovie, etc)
  • The rubric must be filled out BEFORE class and handed in before the presentation can be graded.
  • Handout for students must be given to me the day before so I can run it off for the class.
  • A set of 5 questions to use for a quiz. They may be multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank or short answer.

GRADING: You will be graded using the rubric on the next page. Be sure to fill it out and hand in your rubric on the due date. If your project is not ready on the day the project is due, you will lose ONE letter grade. If you are not ready the next day, it is a ZERO.

Below is a brief description of what to include in your presentation.
Be sure to refer to the rubric while completing the project.

Content…What do I need to include in my presentation?
  • The presentation must include a definition of the condition.
    • What is the medical definition?
  • The presentation must include symptoms/common features of the condition.
    • What major physical, emotional, and/or behavioral symptoms are seen in patients with this disorder? When do they appear?
  • The presentation must include at least 3 pictures of your disorder with descriptions.
    • What is the purpose of each picture? What do they show?
  • The presentation must include how your disorder is transmitted or acquired.
    • How does someone get this disorder? Is this disorder inherited genetically? Is it caused by a pathogen? Does a random mutation result in the disease?
  • The presentation must include any treatments for the condition.
    • Is this disorder treatable? What types of medications, therapies, and/or surgeries are used to treat this condition?
  • The presentation must address how (or if) the disorder can be prevented.
    • Can this disorder be prevented? How? What methods are used in prevention?
  • The presentation must include a list of reliable works cited. (3 sources, MLA format)
    • Be sure to use at least one book source.
    • Source must be turned in on paper or google classroom.
    • Note cards and Works Cited will be graded in Noodle Tools and must be in the Teacher Drop Box on time!

Format…What should my presentation look like?
  • Organized and creative
    • Have titles for each section, captions for pictures, explain each picture
    • Use movies, animations, and images for visual interest
  • Easy-to-read
    • Must be headed with name of disorder and name of presenter
    • Be aware of your style, graphics, and overall appearance of your presentation.
    • Keep the font size large enough for everyone to read
    • Limit the amount of text; include only essential information
  • 3-5 minutes in length
    • Keep it short, succinct, and informative
    • Everything in your presentation should be explained


Presentation is organized, easy-to-read,

Presentation includes an accurate
definition of the disorder.

Presentation includes a description of the associated features or symptoms of the disorder.

Presentation contains 3 pictures of the disorder and each picture is thoroughly described.

Presentation includes a description of how the disorder is acquired or transmitted.

Presentation includes a description of the available treatments for the disorder.

Presentation includes a description
of the mode of prevention for the disorder.

Presentation includes at least 3
reliable resources cited in MLA format. One book source and one internet source are included,

Handout is informative and complete for the other students to use

Test questions are well written

Presentation contains no spelling
and/or grammatical errors.