Animal Body Systems
Vet Tech 2013


Objective: Recognize the major structures and functions of the body systems of domestic animals
Research to find:
  • overall function of the system
  • List of organs that are part of the system
  • Illustrate at least one part of the system in detail and describe its function
  • List the medical "combining root words" for that system

  • visual presentation to share with the class
  • handout to help classmates take notes (may include diagrams and charts)
  • Annotated Works Consulted
include diagrams and photos (url only)
reference information
include in annotation how each source passes the C.R.A.P. test

Some Credible Websites
Merck Veterinary Manual
please add your own credible sources here
website for urinary system of dogs. Gave list of disease infections, and treatment options- Jacob Maddox

sample annotation