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sample annotated citations:

  • Annotations describe a brief summary of the information you found in this source. If it is a website you discovered on your own, also include an explanation of how this source passes the CRAP test.
  • CRAP testing is not necessary for books or databases.
Desonie, Dana, Ph.D. Biosphere. New York: Chelsea, 2008. Print.
This book source's glossary provided vocabulary information for many
words. An in depth section on deciduous forests and prairies was good
background information.
Atterbury, Paul. "Victorian Technology." British History in-depth. British
Broadcasting Company, 15 Oct. 2010. Web. 9 Nov. 2010.
* This website helped with my research because...
* This website is created by a credible source, the BBC. The information
in this article is reliable and can be found in other sources. The author
of this article is a writer and a museum curator who is knowledgeable about
Victorian technology and he presents a fair and balance point of view on
the topic.