Childhood Development

Baby Names


Topic: Baby Names
Something to think about. . .
  • What goes in to choosing a name for baby?
  • Do we name children after our relatives, ancestors to honor them?
  • Do we choose a name just because we like it?
  • What other reasons are there?
  • How would you go about choosing a name for your future child?
Assignment: Baby Names Research

Part I: Reflect on the questions above in one to two thoughtfully written paragraphs.
Part II: Choose a name for a girl and a name for a boy. Research the origin and meaning of each name. Write about your findings. Cite your sources.
Your paper should be typed. Pay attention to grammar and spelling. This paper will count as an in class assignment.
Part I – 4 points
Part II – 4 points
Citation: 2 points
Total: 10 points