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9th and 14th Amendments
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Civil Rights
Do-it-Yourself DBQ - US History
Greatest Greco Roman
Greatest Greek
Imperialism and Colonialism
Industrial Revolution Yesterday and Today
Islam Research Project
Issues Research
Marie Antoinette Movie Trailer
Psychological Disorders
Renaissance Project
Social Issues
Sociology Icons
Social Problems - Sociology
TIme Person of the Century
Trench Warfare
US History DBQ Research Project
World After WWI
World History - Glimpses of Human Nature
World War II Assessment
World War II
World History - Glimpses of Human Nature

African Colonization
Animal Farm - Russian Revolution
Banned Books
Cuckoo's Nest Research
Curious Incident Autism
The Great Gatsby
Dust Bowl
Elizabethan News
Genocide Research
Ethan Frome Research
The Great Gatsby
H.G. Wells - The Time Machine
Huck Finn Research
Hudson River and Transcendentalism
Japanese Internment - Farewell to Manzanar
Literature Art Connection
Literary Criticism
Notebooks and Notetaking Transcendentalism
Persuasive Speech -Issues Research
Public speaking link to history project
Public Speaking - Informative Speech
Shabanu Research

Alternative Energy
Anatomy and Physiology project
Cell Transport
Connecticut Energy Resources
E3 Research
Human Population STS
Pathogenic Diseases Power-Point Project
Rainforest Conservation
Stem Cell Debate
Threatened Species

Child Development

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