Honors Algebra II"The Greats"

Your Task:

Presentation (60 points)

1. Overall (20 points)
  • At least one significant visual aid. (possible suggestions HERE )
  • Even delegation of presentation components amongst group members.
  • Enthusiastic and timely (max 10 minutes) delivery
2. Biography (20 points)
  • Basics such as birth, education, death
  • Who the person was. (personality, dreams, hopes, vices, quirks, friends, enemies, quotes by/about, etc.)
  • Person's mentors and students.
  • How the person's life, time, and culture affected his/her work.
  • Influences of person's work after death.
3. Work (20 points)
  • Person's topics of interest inside and outside of mathematics.
  • At least one major mathematical study from person's work explained in a meaningful way to class audience.

Written Component (40 points)

1. 5-6 pages minimum, double spaced, 1" margins
2. Typed 12 point Calibri, Arial, or other non-serif font
3. Neatly and professionally presented
4. Organized and proofread; reads like a final draft
5. Free of spelling and grammatical errors
6. Proper documentation (works cited and parenthetical citations) of Wikipedia-devoid sources
7. All mathematics carefully and neatly typed, with applicable diagrams (Note: large diagrams will not contribute to total page count)





  • Salem History includes books such as:
    • Great Lives from History
    • Great Events from History

  • We have a range of books in our library about your mathematicians:
    • opals.jpg

APA Citation:

Noodle Tools will assist you in creating an APA citation. When creating a new project, be sure to select APA-Advanced.

Also, Noodle Tools can show you how to create a proper APA style parenthetical citation.

APA citation.png