How do we evaluate information available on the internet?

Decide if you would use the webpages immediately below each scenario and why or why not.

1. You are working on research about gun control for a debate.

b Brady Bill
c ABC Clio Issues

2. You are researching to create an informational brochure in Anatomy.

a Healthwatcher

b American Lung Assn
c National Library of Medicine

3. You have a project for your language class and you need to put together a scrapbook about your destination

a The City of Mankato
b Lonely Planet
c Explore Chicago

4. You are looking for information about scientific discoveries.

a Velcro -
b Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division
c Cornell News

5. You have an American History class and have to find some information for your project about what goes on at the White House.

c Facts on File

6. You have an assignment for a current events class about an event that happened last week.
a Wikipedia
b Life magazine

c Google News

Your turn: Find out if the following statements are true or false. Make sure to apply the CRAAP test to your sources.
a. There is lead in lipstick.
b. Eating carrots (or anything else with vitamin A) will improve your eyesight.
c. Starbucks refused to send free coffee to the military in Iraq, saying it didn't support the war or anyone who took part in it.